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Organic Fire Starter

$19.90 NZD

All natural eco friendly fire starters by Nil. A fire starter that burns for 15 minutes or more and is environmentally safe. No harmful chemicals or vapour.  Take them anywhere as they are light as a feather. Great for home fire places, camping trip or your emergency kit.  Makes starting a fire easy!

  • BURN TIME These Organic Fire Starters burn for more than 15 minutes per starter.  Quicker than many traditional supermarket fire starters.  
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY As there are no harmful chemicals or vapor as they are completely natural.  They are only burning unbleached cotton, organic beeswax and other ingredients from a secrete trade recipe.  Besides being non toxic the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer for the earth.
  • USE THEM ANYWHERE  Great for home fireplaces, camping or your emergency survival kit.  They can be stored indoors or out and even by food.
  • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE Super light, as light as a feather. So you could take the whole box of 24 fires starters camping and you will not notice the weight in your pack.
  • SUSTAINABLY MADE  the whole manufacturing process for Nil wraps and Munch Food Wraps is totally sustainable as all the off cuts are made into these Organic Fires Starters. 
  • ETHICAL OUTWORK MODEL is the way Nils are made. When you buy a NIL it comes with a story.  You invest in a life of change.  All the NIL products are made by mothers who are often on a benefit and struggle to find work.  We invite you to not just buy something good, but to do something good. Consumerism is faceless.  But a NIL product is real, personal investment in transforming lives.  

24 fire starters in a pack
Each fire starter measures 3.5cm x 3.5cm.  
Comes in a eco friendly cardboard box sized 22cm x 7cm x 8cm

Ethically made in New Zealand

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