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About Us

eko was founded in 2014 by two beautiful Italian people, Simona and Fabrizio. In 2016 we purchased eKo, as Simona and Fabrizio wanted to return to their homeland, Italy, that was calling them home. We have had good teachers and intend to keep bringing unique flavor and style from Italy and South East Asia, to New Zealand. It is fabulous to be able to express one’s individuality through what we wear, LIFE IS FAR TOO SHORT - TO WEAR BORING CLOTHES.

We have had so much fun dressing up our customers, lots of laughs and some amazing conversations. We are looking forward to our journey on, and are very excited that our daughter Toni is keen to join the business and set up an outlet in Taupo. This will undoubtedly open doors for her and take her on adventures that most of us only dream of.

We had our babies young, unusual for someone our age, but something that we would not change for the world, we have been blessed with three beautiful babies, now all grown up. Part of the sacrifice of having babies young is that we didn’t get to do our “OE”, however, we are about to make up for that. We both love to travel, and in one short year we have travelled to Italy, Thailand and Bali, pretty cool huh! It is fantastic to meet the people who craft the items that we source. I have a great appreciation for the way these beautiful people do business. Their babes are raised in the business; often whole families work together on their own specific handicraft that would have been handed down for generations. Visiting Bali though I must admit was a bit of a shock. When we visit this year we are going to take over some health and safety items, such as ear muffs, face masks and googles, We are lucky to live in New Zealand, even though you can hear grumbles up and down the country when it comes to health and safety, we just don’t appreciate how lucky we are. We aim to choose items that are a bit different to the norm.

This journey is going to be so much fun, make sure you check in on us from time to time.